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"The sorcerers banish the energy around them using the Star Ruby banishing ritual. The ritual commands all spirits, benevolent and malevolent, to retreat at once. The ritual is also a hymn to the god Pan, the god of night, welcoming the darkness as the night carries on. The orator begins banishing the cardinal directions screaming 'therion', the name of the great beast of Revelation. The students and teacher chant the words of the ritual in unison, finishing just as they had begun. The creatures of the forest call to them, and a sacred fire burns within them."


Apo pantos kakodaimonos
Soi ophalle ischuros eucharistos

There is a spirit in the shadow of the trees.
A canopy against the burn of daylight.
Night falls.
A god dies.
Another is born.
A blanket of fog covers the ground as a blanket of slumber shrouds my thoughts.
My soul now sings a hymn to the night.
I live. I die. I am reborn.
The flames of a god burn inside me.
Creatures of the night call to me.
Dawn appears.
His wings penetrate the horizon.
I feel the chill of the northern winds.
I hear a beautiful sound and a somber feeling befalls me.
A tear burns my eye.
And there is poetry in every moment.

Pro mou iunges.
Opiso mou teletarchai.
Epi dexia sunoches.
Eparistera daimones.
Phlegei gar peri mou o aster ton pente.
Kai ente stele o aster ton ex esteke.
Soi ophalle ischuros eucharistos.

Yahweh. Shaddai el Chai. ARARITA. Tetragrammaton.


from The Fire Within, released August 4, 2015



all rights reserved


Sorin Boone, North Carolina

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