Preliminary Invocation

from by Sorin

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"Four hooded individuals trek through a foggy wood late in the night. They stop deep within the forest once they can no longer be seen by lurking eyes. The sorcerers light candles of black and begin to burn resinous incense. As the orator reads aloud the Preliminary Invocation, his students begin to draw the circle of protection and a triangle of conjuring into the earth, inscribing the names of God within them. The orator ends the first invocation saying "The fire burns within". The ritual has begun."


I Invocation:
He who is blessed is content.
He who is content bears blessing.
Blessed of the flesh of Capricorn.
We invoke the powers of darkness to appear in this temple. For thus he spake: "Surely they fear me. Surely you fear me. Surely I am feared." For thus he spake and it was written in the book.
Surely you are revered. And in this reverence we ask for your blessing. For he who is blessed is content. And surely as the wool of the lamb is white as the snow, you are the greatest of princes. Thus spake the infernal tongue: "The fire burns within".

II Fire:
Lord of fire, hell raiser, show me the thy power. Engulf mine enemies in a sea of flame.

III Air:
Lord of light, guide my path and make me an incorruptible light unto the world.

IV Water:
Lord of water, serpent of the garden, Leviathan, rid us of the disease of fear and grant us thine knowledge.

V Earth:
Lord of earth, show us truth and reason. Hail Ishtar! Hail Prometheus! Hail Lucifer!


from The Fire Within, released August 4, 2015



all rights reserved


Sorin Boone, North Carolina

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